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12 September 1986
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My name is Rachel, I was born on the 12th September 1986, so that makes me 19 years of age.

I'm in my first year at University doing a BA Honors Degree in Fashion Journalism, and yes it is a proper degree and us Fashion Journalists are not bimbo's you know, we're highly intelligent women, who just happen to know how to look bloody good! ;o)

I'm a fun loving girl who is out there having a laugh, living life to the full while I'm still young! I'm a complex chick, I have many different sides to me, I come across very shy to begin with, but I have a crazy hyper streak, that if you're lucky you might just get to see!

I am incredibly girly, I care about clothes and my appearance way too much, I own 75 pairs of shoes for a start and then there is the 58 handbags I have sitting in my wardrobe. I am a complusive buyer & a shop-a-holic...not a good combination! But hey, I should do well in my degree. :o)

I am obsessed with pink things, I like sparkle and glitter oooh and fluffy things.

I read Vogue, Elle, Cosmo, Grazia and Glamour magazines. My favourite designer is Stella McCartney. One day I will be a famous editor of a great British Fashion magazine, you mark my words ♥